Women with superpowers/1

Onar interviews WOMEN, because we all are full of powers, just need to be unlocked sometimes, when we show our powers we are great and we feel great!

Here are all the interviews! Read and get inspired!

16252062_1333395226680555_7220288199988790302_oMAYA ERGÜN! (Self defense trainer and Onar’s collaborator)

Tell us about you and 1 thing that you love and you 1 that really bothers you.

I’m an American single mother of a beautiful teenage daughter living in Turkey since 2005. I teach both academic English and self defense using the Wing Tsun martial arts for women. Besides loving my daughter and two doggies, I love nature. One thing that really bothers me is ego. Ego leads to greed which I believe is the root of most of society’s problems.
What do you love of Istanbul (if you do)? Istanbul is one of those mega cities that is a beautiful mix of histories and culture. I love the mix.

So, what is your superpower?
I think my superpower would be seeing the benefit of every experience good or bad, and adapting myself to whatever comes . Many things happen to us in life and the perspective we have towards those experiences determines how it affects and changes us.

Another women that you endorse, who can I interview next?
One woman I would like to endorse is Canay Atalay. She is such a positive women and mother. I am always happy to read the thoughts she shares.

DeliziaF_ritrattoDELIZIA FLACCAVENTO (Photo journalist and documentary photographer and Onar’s collaborator)

1-What about you? Tell us about your profession and three things that you love!
I am a photojournalist and documentary photographer who deeply believes in photography as a tool for social change. I mainly work on social projects and sometimes I collaborate with NGOs. I try to tell visual stories that can inspire people to do something for their community, to give a contribution to society, however small it may be. Three things I love are photography, sport and Mount Etna. I love documentary photography for the privilege it gives me to enter lives and entire worlds I would never know about otherwise; I love running because it strengthens my body and mind, relaxes me and makes me think better; I love Mount Etna, because I am from Sicily and hadn’t I been born so close to it, I would have not been the volcanic person always ready to fight for human rights I am today.


2 – Why Istanbul?
Because it is a city as full of life as it is of problems. Because it is a city one can never give for granted. Because it has so much diversity, yet its diversity is suppressed rather cherished. And because its civil society is still very weak, so trying to make a difference is at the same time very challenging and very rewarding.

3 – So… What is your superpower?
I wish I had one :”-) Something that really helps me is managing to smile and make others smile even in the hardest, toughest circumstances: in these extremely polarized times, laughter is a powerful antidote to hatred and intolerance.

4- Another name of a woman that you endorse. Who can I interview next?
For sure, film director Ayşegül Selenga Taşkent, she is full of superpowers.


Siga_OnarSIGA DABULSKYTE (social psychologist and Onar’s collaborator)

Tell us about you…
I am a social psychologist, a dance therapist and an English teacher. I organize a healthy life style festival called „Mandala“ in my country Lithuania. I am a person, who likes exploring – new activities, hobbies, countries, cultures, people. I like people, spending time with them and I wish them good. Psychology is my soul and travelling is my passion. I guess the last good idea was to join Onar to volunteer as a psychologist

Why Istanbul?
Firstly, I came to Istanbul 5 years ago to do an Erasmus exchange program. I came with a train to Sirkeci station. When I came out of the station I could see the sea and cute buildings. The sun was shining. I was thinking oh my God – am I going to live here?I am in a fairy tale! I fell in love with Istanbul from the first sight. My Erasmus experience was so exciting. It was the happiest half of the year in my life. But I had to go back to Lithuania to finish my degree. I was missing Turkey a lot during that time. After I finished my degree, I went on a holiday to Istanbul to meet my friends. I felt I don‘t wanna go back again to my country, so I just cancelled my flight back and stayed.

So, what is your superpower?
The question inspired me to ask my friends, what do they see in me, what‘s my super power. It was pleasant and fun. You can ask your friends too! It might inspire you and affect positively. My friends told me many good qualities among which communication, good organizer and thinking positively. After this research it was more clear to me what my super power could be. When I came to Turkey, I actually had to struggle, it was hard to settle down, there were upsetting situations and events happening to me, but I never gave up, learned a lot and believed it will get better. I gained psychological strength. If something really bad happens, I am not that affected and I know how to deal with it quickly. I can easily improve my mood. Dear ladies don’t feel shy, I am sure all of you are amazing, show your inner and outer beauty!
Siga endorses Martina Pavone for her energy!

sandrine rambouxSANDRINE  RAMBOUX (Founder of C@rma and Onar’s collaborator)
 Tell us about you and 3 things that are important to you:
I am Belgian, mother of twins girls, in Istanbul since 2007 (10 years), a long career in finance and since 4 years ago I founded C@rma, a social entrepreneurship designed to encourage dialogue between private sector and civil society through pro Bono. This year, I am also part of the Jana team, an encouraging initiative to foster livelihood support among refugees.
3 things important about me: I love meeting new people and creating links between people and ideas; although I am a pure city girl, i love nature, hiking, walking around…more and more; I wish my Turkish would be better :-(

Also for you, why Istanbul: I love the vibes of Istanbul, the city is always moving. This is sometimes very tiring but on the other side very exciting. You cannot just say in Istanbul “I will not adapt”, you have to …being to traffic or to the new communication mode developed by the very young generation, you have to bargain everything (but feel happy afterwards that you get a better deal) and a lot of things can still be built….and then when you are exhausted, you can just take the boat, look at the seagull and feels you are in the most beautiful city in the world and forget all the rest.

So what is your superpower?
I am hard worker and tenacious…even if this is not tired or said to be impossible, it will not stop me (it should sometimes)…I think that also my honesty is helping me. I am genuinely there to do what I am saying I will do. At the beginning, people are surprised and don’t really trust me but after a while, they are saying that it is true and then we can build something together.

Name another woman you would like to endorse:
I recently met Izabela Ersahin. She is french and built from nothing a great social enterprise providing job opportunity for women in Turkey. I really admire her.