Raise your Potential, Raise your Woice

A self-empowerment guide for women to raise their potential

Let’sgenderroles_onar not start from far away.
Women represent half of the world’s population and 60% of university graduates.
Women represent the largest emerging market on the planet.
In more than 40 nations we lose 15% of potential earnings because of the gender wage gap.
So, what are we waiting for? Women are the key for a cultural and economic crisis resolution.
So what are YOU waiting for?
Yes, I am talking to you. Let’s not play the victim role here, we don’t have time for that, yes there is a challenge of work-life balance, yes cultural stereotypes are obstacles in our path but they shouldn’t stop us. Our contribution can be astronomical if we give ourselves the opportunity to move forward. The question to ask ourselves is: “Are we really using all our potential?”
Are we fighting for whatever we would like to achieve in our life? Are we supporting each other? Are we believing in ourselves sure that we can do it?
If you want it, you can have it! And believe me, a woman is unstoppable after she realizes she deserves better.

When I say “Raise your Woice”, I don’t suggest you to shout, but to explore your real voice first as a human, as a woman, your authentic “woice”, and then learn how to raise it a way to maximize your potential. And you know what? If you connect this harmonic Woice to many other voices, the power and the success will be outstanding, will be a real impact on the society.

OK OK, you convinced me. Where do I start?

Woman_empowerment_onarWe can start destroying some false clichés:

-Self care is not a new-age or hipster bullshit. Call it how you want, but it works, and we all need it.

-Being a feminist doesn’t mean we hate men, we dress purple, we don’t wear make up and we are all lesbian.Feminist is any person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of all genders, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, ability and sexual orientation.

-“Women cannot collaborate they are too competitive.” Very false.
Women can come together and when they do it they become muses for many other women and girls.

-Empowering Women doesn’t mean creating monsters.

-A woman leader is not bossy, she has skills and she is using them.

-When a woman is expressing her disapproval, she is not bitching.

What can we do instead?

*Don’t be the woman blocking other women, sometimes the biggest obstacle to close the gender gap are other women. Love yourself deeply and feel the responsibility for yourself and for other women to support and empower each other.

*Stop talking about pink quotas, stop associating women with pinOnar_raıse your potentialk. Why???

*Don’t say “girly things”. Or “do it like a girl”.Or other stuff like that. It’s so offensive and limited.

*Let’s finally give ourselves and  other women the permission to be intelligent, powerful, maternal, sexual… All these things that are not supposed to be together (Who said that?). We all have our unique formula that makes us special and different.

*Let’s give ourselves permission to relax, socialize and network more, this is going to make a huge difference in our mental balance and social life. And remember: network means always new opportunities!

*Do community service, something related to civil society. This is going to help you grow while giving  back and making an impact on society.

*Don’t be afraid to get feedback. Ask for it. It’s not weakness, it makes you stronger actually.

*Take risks, seek for changes and think big. Know what you want. Anything is impossible, literally.

*Plot your path to get there. Plot your journey from a starting point to a goal destination.

*Find time and ways to have a reflective capacity. Your alone time will become very precious. It can be meditation, jogging, riding bicycle, write journals, pray.. Whatever you will choose is going to increase your self-awareness.

*Be your own coach and play the devil’s advocate. It means, always asking questions to yourself. Challenge yourself and dive deep.

*Track actions and results, give yourself rewards and satisfactions for every little step made.

*Let yourself go! Play! Laugh! Sometimes we really take ourselves too seriously. Life is a journey after all…Enjoy the ride!

#RaiseYourWoice and raise your potential. A woman is unstoppable after she realizes she deserves better.

Article written by Martina Pavone

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