Onar Photo Contest

Thanks to all the photographers who took part to our Photo Contest!

The 12 photos we selected represent different faces of the strength of women in Turkey. As a coincidence, most of the authors of the selected photos are also women.

The winning photo, entitled “Jump”, with lightness shows a woman strong enough to jump in the light away from a shadow that seems to want to hold her back. Second place went to “Tea worker”, which shows the strength of a young woman and the grace she puts in the exhausting work she does. The third place went to “On Galata bridge”, which shows a woman off the beaten track as she does a typical male activity in Turkey.  A honorable mention went to “Not public property”, which touches upon the issue of virginity in Turkey. All the selected photos capture the pride of women in being exactly who they are. We believe that difference is a sign of strength. The women photographed, with their happy and serious faces, their aware presence in society, their focus in their work, give a sense of the strength of women not just in Turkey, but everywhere in the world.


We are happy to announce the first Onar Photo Contest The Strength of Women in Turkey”.
We launch this photo contest because we believe that photography is a form of art that shows the reality through different points of view and that a variety of perspectives is always enriching.

We are based in Turkey so we are looking for photographs which show women in Turkish society, whether it is Turkish women or foreign women living in Turkey. We want to receive photographs that show the strength of women, their potential in society and in the world around us, the contribution that through her strength she gives to her community. We look forward to receiving images on the potential of women in Turkish society.  

In the contest of Onar’s Raise your Woice project, we look for photographs that show how a woman can raise her voice without shouting, her strengths, her talents, her abilities to positively affect the world around her.

We invite amateur and professional photographers from Turkey and from all over the world who have taken pictures about this topic here in Turkey to participate.

Click here to know more about all the requirements and the Contest Rules. 

All the pictures, following the requirements above, should be sent to onarphotocontest@gmail.com. Deadline: 28 February 2017.

The judges will select 20 photographs according to their visual quality and their capacity to express the chosen topic.


-The best 3 photos will have a special mention and an interview on Onar blog .

-The 20 photos selected for exhibitions will be published as a slideshow on Hurriyet Daily New online.

-There will be an exhibition in Istanbul.



Irene Campari, Project Responsible and Onar’s Board Member.

Delizia Flaccavento, Photojournalist and documentary photographer;

Orhan Cem Çetin, Photographer, lecturer at Bahçeşehir University and Galata Academy of Photography.  

 Project’s Responsible Irene Campari:



Photo Contest Insider
Concorsi Forografici