Onar Istanbul Opening Night: A New Season for Women

onar-opening-night-programAnd here we are. Our 3rd season is just about to start.

How many people we met so far in our journey, so many incredible women, brave, talented, supportive, strong, in love with Istanbul and with life.
We helped each other, we discussed, we learned, we failed and we learned even more, we built and we dreamt together.

And let’s not forget about the incredible men who are supporting us, working with us to create awareness around, being the example for other men.
We are so lucky.

Onar was  born in 2013 and officially became a Turkish NGO in 2014.
We were so lucky.  Since the beginning, so many people supported and helped us a lot.
Collaboration is the key, collaboration has been always the key!

Onar means two different things in Turkish. On one hand it means: fix It! Yes, you got it, we are all responsible for the world where we live and we all have to take action.
On the other hand it means: that pomegranate, that in Turkish is nar. Pomegranate represents perfectly women, with their blood and seeds, passion, and life itself.
Women are the key for the cultural and economical resolution that currently affects the world.
A woman is unstoppable after she unlocks her potential, because she realizes she deserves better.

Empower women, empower the world! This is our motto! (watch the video we created for our  Raise Your Woice event  here)

Every year we try to raise the level of our performance. We are aiming to reach more women and men in our awareness and prevention trainings. We aim to involve more students in the cause investing on them. We aim to have more resources in order to help more women in need. We aim to inspire as much women as we can. We aim to actively involve  more men willing to collaborate with us. We aim to become a bigger team. We aim to realize all the dreams and plans we have. We want to have  an impact and make the difference.

Now we are just waiting for you! Come and join us for our opening night on Sunday, October 9th at 6.30 pm Impact Hub Istanbul ( Yeşilce Mah. Emirşah Sok. No: 21 Kağıthane, Sanayi Metro Station).
 Check out the program and register here.

Good luck to us,
for a new season,
for a new era for women,
for a better world.

Martina Pavone

Co-founder & President
Onar Istanbul
Yabancı Uyruklu Kadınları
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