Mission and vision

Onar word cloud_2wpjpgMISSION

Onar is a Turkish multicultural NGO working to empower women and stop  gender based violence. We believe that violence against women does not need to be inevitable and can be ended by advancing the status of women in society and empowering women to lead the lives they want.

Onar firmly believes in collaboration over competition so partners with local and international NGOs also working in similar fields. We also believe in engaging men in the dialogue to end violence and include women in all areas of society.

Our activities focus on awareness and prevention by providing legal and psychological support to those in violence situations. Our services fill a gap in Istanbul by targeting women who have been unable to obtain support due to limited Turkish language abilities.  In this respect, Onar is able to act as a bridge between foreign women and Turkish services. Our empowerment and awareness services are open to all women in order to create a freer and more just society for men and women everywhere.

Onar welcomes all men and women regardless of race, religion, origin or status, Onar is a project from which no-one is excluded.                                                                                                                                                 


Onar is working towards a world where men and women can live free from the constraints of traditional gender roles, a world where women can live in a violence free society and one where they are able to fulfill their potential.